this blog follows the emotional and mental ups and downs of Sara Haniz. all musings may and may not be original, but all musings are life-effectual. these are all the excitements and pains undergone, listed in clear detail for your blessed perusal.
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I’ve stopped being sorry for all my soft. I won’t apologize because I miss you, or because I said it, or because I text you first, or again. I think everyone spends too much time trying to close themselves off. I don’t want to be cool or indifferent, I want to be honest.
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"millions of flower petals erupt from a volcano, covering an entire village" - (via sunnyskyz, with photos by nick meek)

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my entire math life

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My successful handwritten code! Had trouble not turning “<” and “>” into “(” and “)”. Pretty easy! Though, I still have no idea what I’m writing about, especially with terms like !DOCTYPE or what the meta character set was supposed to do! In its basic foundation, it’s easy to understand. But I guess for you to be super advanced, it’s these little things that you gotta build foundation on.

How does it look, you guys?!



Hey guys,

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m re-embarking on my coding journey. I’m taking this online course at Mozilla’s School of Webcraft. It’s got a great community - everyone’s helping each other out and you can even get yourself a mentor! Go and try it out, click on the link!



Hi guys!

I haven’t posted a single shit in like half a year. That seems like ages ago and yet I still remember the times when I get on the train and start scrolling through all my followings and liking and reblogging shit that agreed with me that day.

So things that have happened to me:

1. I graduated from university. That’s right! Got meself a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts (Concentration in Mass Communications) which basically means that I graduated with a broad as fuck major as well as a broader-than-fuck minor. But hey, education’s still education eh?

2. I “toured” the United States as part of my graduation trip. At 21, I finally got to see New York, Oklahoma, San Francisco, Vegas and Los Angeles. If you’re counting all our flight transits, I got to visit Hong Kong and Chicago too! But that hardly counts. Oh this trip was AH-MAY-ZING! (Please take note, this is going to be a long paragraph - 2 months worth of travel in one paragraph is bound to make it long!)

We flew 15 hours from Singapore - 7 of us - to JFK International Airport in New York where we parted ways with 2 girls who continued on to Dallas, Texas. Spent a week there with 5 girls and a New Yorker who I’m friends with and actually talk to on Facebook now. Oh New York was so dreamy! We got to visit most of the landmarks like Empire State Building, we ferried to the Liberty Statue, saw the hardass consequences of Hurricane Sandy and went to Bryant Park. Where do I even start describing Bryant Park? Walking past Conde Nast’s building in Times Square and then stopping by the Top Arepa stall in Bryant Park for lunch and just hanging with the girls watching other people…..D-R-E-A-M-Y! That is how I’ve always pictured New York and Bryant Park turned it all into a reality. We got there before Black Friday and we got to shop for that Friday - which was awesome! I got myself some ALDO sky high stilettos for $30 (u.p. $100) and some Victoria’s Secret shenanigans.

After NYC, we headed central to Oklahoma City for graduation and a 3 week stay. You’d think 3 weeks sound short. This is the perfect time required to make and break friendships. Within our first week, our group of 7 got disbanded because a stupid bitch can’t help feeling ostracized just because no one would share a bed with her (not our fault she has “insomnia” and keeps complaining that our phones are noisy at night - hey, we have families and friends who are 13 hours around the other side of the world!). And then at a basketball match between Thunders and Rockets, I had a huge fight with a girl and her then-best friend who was also my then-good friend of 2 years and one of the first girls I talked to when we first started school. But, in that first week, I made millions more friends (well, I won’t say millions - maybe 15 more?). Three incredible neighbors we had too - boys who made my 3 weeks in Oklahoma so wonderful. Oh the bonds tested!

After Oklahoma, we headed for a night in Santa Ana before leaving by Greyhound bus to Las Vegas - where on our first night we had a huge fight again! (by we, now, I mean, the 7 of us) Had about an hour or two worth of “fuck you”, “who the fuck is screaming”, “no you fucking lower your voice” before we decided to give it a break and “sign” an amiable peace treaty. We will be spending another month together, anyhow. Vegas was as wonderful as it got - I gambled and lost money, we drank into oblivion, I had my usual gastric attacks (more on this later), and we walked and walked and walked around the whole strip. Couldn’t make it to the Canyons though - black icy roads didn’t permit us to spend US$145 on the sightseeing.

After Vegas, we headed west to San Francisco - the land where everything is just OH SO BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, SF in wintertime was just magical! We covered EVERYTHING in SF - Castro, Lombard, San Jose, Union Square, Chinatown - you name it! We went to Alcatraz too and this is the weirdest part of my trip. In one of the bigger penitentiaries, Lynn and I got locked in after “stealthily” trying to follow a tour group. Shit thing too - there really was no way out but forward. And the more we went forward, the more nauseous we got. The shit the prisoners had been put through, the sadness in their souls, the torture - I smelled it all. It came first as though the smell was from the toilets or the rotten fungus surrounding the rails and the windows but when I brought up this smell to Chen Ting and Vanessa, they claim not to have smelled anything while in the lobby of the same penitentiary. Lynn did, though. And so, Lynn and I got out as fast as we could to the Audio House where, of all places, I met my old junior college teacher and his newlywed! His wedding was one of the only few that I got invited to but couldn’t make it because Singapore was having that whole public transport system breakdown and all and I desperately couldn’t get a cab because everyone else was trying to get one. So lucky me, I get to meet my teacher and his wonderful wife in a jail. heh heh. The next few days we had some tour guides along - some were Lynn’s friends from Burma (one even joined us in LA - more later!) and we spent a whole day with Vanessa’s aunt’s good friend Yami, whose beloved mother only recently passed away. Oh have you guys visited Sausalito? It’s like Hogwarts, without the castle. It was beautiful! And expensive too! To get to Sausalito, you gotta cross the Golden Gate Bridge, so we got to see that. After San Francisco, we left for Los Angeles.

We stayed in Hollywood in a “town house” selected stupidly by yours truly. I thought the pictures looked great and the location was good but when we got there, it was sleazy as fuck, the heater didn’t work, there was no hot water and the fire alarm just WON’T. SHUT. UP. Pretty much just filling up most of our time left in the states. Kevin, one of Lynn’s friends we met in San Francisco, joined us on our 3rd or 4th day and drove us around - which was wonderful of him and we are ever so grateful for him. We went to the Camarillo outlets, we got to play with snow and build a snowman at the Big Bear Mountains and we got to go up to the Hollywood Hills. We even went to Universal Studios where we met up with another group of friends from school. Everything was wonderful, until it was time to leave. Our flight was scheduled for 10pm on New Year’s Day. Vanessa, Chen Ting and I decided to go out and countdown in a bar called Te’Kila. It was the most happening one there that didn’t have a queue, so we thought, Why Not? Little did I suspect that Vanessa was already truly beyond drunk from our drinking sesh back at home. We were all good - until we were walking home. She has this dramatic antics that she pulls whenever she’s drunk - and this time, it’s other people’s jackets that she pulls. Unluckily for us, she pulled this guy’s jacket who was fun and all but thought that she was having seizures when she started shivering - he called an ambulance and then we ended up in hospital, where we spent the next 7 hours until they released her. We got home at about 8am, had a quick 2-hour nap before we had to check out of the house. Spent the rest of the day wandering around Hollywood and spend $13 to catch The Hobbit for a 2nd time just so we can sit and sleep in the cinema. And then……. we flew another 18 hours back to Singapore and here I am.

3. After 2 weeks of being home, I landed myself a proper full-time job. It’s an absolutely mundane, unglamorous job in TV, but hey, it’s paying the bills and it’s giving me the experience I need to build up my resume - so I’m thankful.

4. I received a letter and a certificate notifying me that I’ve been put on the President’s Honor Roll for the fall semester in Oklahoma City University. Whooo! Oh the pleasure!

5. I’ve started working out! This took me completely by surprise too. I came home one day after work, with no plans for the night, and just suddenly decided, “hey it’s 7.30pm, there’s alot of time before I have to go to sleep, why not run?” And it’s a heady feeling every time I’ve put my body to the test. I’m going to be fit for June.

Pretty much that’s about it. There’s alot more I want to pick up in the next few weeks. Today, I’ve just restarted learning how to code. We used to learn the basics when Blogspot was the big thing and we wanted to input our own things (this was when I was 13, 14 - whoa, almost a decade ago.) I should have taken those mini self-teaching lessons more seriously - I could’ve been making money from it!

I promise, I’ll be blogging more religiously as much as I can, when I can.

In the meantime, why don’t you guys learn how to code too? Go to Mozilla’s School of Webcraft and start coding!

Much love,